As a supplier of point-of-care solutions you need your product to perform optimally. To produce accurate and reliable results without fail, within minutes and with ultimate scalability, to control the cost price even at mid-volume manufacturing. You understand like no other that point-of-care can be a life-changing instrument. We do too. At Micronit we are inspired by making a difference, from contributing to the health of patients or animals to testing the quality of our environment.

Partnership in point-of-care

At Micronit we can help you with the design and development of a chip, cartridge and packaging that holds single or multiple assays in one device. We look at your whole business concept, to help you choose the best material(s) for your device. We work with polymer, glass, silicon and hybrid materials, or even a combination of these. The end result is a Point-of-Care device that:

  • produces reliable, accurate results that suit your business model; and
  • is designed so that your target group can handle the device easily, in such way that the analytical result is strictly user independent.

To guarantee the quality of the results we take the chip through several stages and evaluate the process, from design to volume manufacturing. These stages are: idea and concept generation, feasibility study, proof-of-principle, design and prototype fabrication, 0-series and volume manufacturing.

Showcase in point-of-care

Micronit developed a lithium monitoring and a calcium monitoring chip. We based the functionality of these chips on two main processes; electrophoresis and conductivity detection. These processes made it possible to monitor lithium blood levels or calcium levels quantitatively within minutes in a single drop of blood, on a footprint of just 0.5×3.0 cm.
One small glass chip houses:

  • 3 different reservoirs for the buffer solution;
  • in-contact electrodes for sample injection and ion separation by electrophoresis; and
  • in-contact electrodes for conductivity detection.

For further information or to learn more about what we can do for you, please send your email query to info@micronit.com or call +31 (053) 850 6850.

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