Microfluidic Connections

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Microfluidic Connections

One of the challenges in using micro- or nanoscale devices is the connection to the macro world. Microfluidic devices are getting smaller and smaller and so are pumps and detection equipment, but how to connect them to each other?

For the connection of glass microfluidic devices to each other or to external equipment, Micronit offers several solutions.

Chip Holder
For experimental setups, Micronit offers different chip holders for connecting microfluidic chips to peripheral equipment. The Fluidic Connect Chip Holder is suitable for pressure-driven flow experiments; the Microfluidic EOF Kit is suitable for electro-osmotic flow experiments, such as capillary electrophoresis.

Both chip holders are available in standard configurations, but Micronit can adapt them to specific needs. Micronit Microfluidics also provides custom connecting and packaging solutions.


Improving Microfluidic Interfacing by Using SideConnect Technology

Micronit is developing a new type of fluidic connection, in addition to its currently standardized Fluidic Connect Pro platform. The patent pending SideConnect technology simplifies the microfluidic chip/cartridge design and thus reduces product costs. Microfluidic access is provided on the edge of the chip at the bonding interface between top and bottom wafer (side connection), thus avoiding additional processing like hole drilling or powder blasting in the top layer. Moreover, the functional area of a chip can be significantly reduced due to the smaller footprint of the design (only channels). The microfluidic chip can be side connected to a plastic cartridge either in a 2D (in-plane) or a 3D (out-of-plane) configuration. The 2D version results in a slim assembly which is easily accessible for optical applications. The 3D version contains top reservoirs which can be easily integrated into a surrounding cartridge and accessed for pipetting a defined volume of sample, buffer or reagent.

Micronit’s SideConnect technology has proven to be compatible with applications like capillary electrophoresis, but the chip-cartridge design can be customized to any specific application.

SideConnect concept

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