Archive 2010 Publications

Effect of diffusion on enzyme activity in a microreactor

Chemical Engineering Journal, volume 162, issue 1

Electrochemical Microfluidics

Chemical Engineering Science

EDGE emulsification for food-grade dispersions

Journal of Food Engineering, volume 97, issue 3, april 2010, pages 348-354

Small volume laboratory on a chip measurements incorporating the quartz crystal microbalance to measure the viscosity-density product of room temperature ionic liquids

Biomicrofluidics, volume 4, Issue 1, 2010

Electrokinetic Concentration of DNA Polymers in Nanofluidic Channels

Nano Letters, 2010, 10 (3), pages 765-772

Subdiffusive molecular motion in nanochannels observed by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

Analytical Chemistry, 2010, 82 (3), pages 997-1005

Advances in Biomedical Sensing, Measurements, Instrumentation and Systems

Dielectrophoretic Actuation and Simultaneous Detection of Individual Bioparticles

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