Integrated Microfluidic Environment for Solid-state Nanopore Sensors

Procedia Engineering, Volume 47, 2012, Pages 13–16

‘I2I Project’ has started in 2012!

The Project ‘Innovation to Industrialisation for advanced Micro- and Nanosystems’ (I2I), started in Spring 2012! This project was initiated by...

Zebrafish on Chip

Non-ionic, thermo-responsive DEA/DMA nanogels: Synthesis, characterization, and use for DNA separations by microchip electrophoresis

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2011 February 1th.

Enhancement of on chip chemiluminescence signal intensity of tris(1,10-phenanthroline)-ruthenium(II) peroxydisulphate system for analysis of chlorpheniramine maleate in pharmaceutical formulations

Talanta, 2010 Oct 15; 82 (5), pages 1999-2002. 

Observation of hydrophobic-like behavior in geometrically patterned hydrophilic microchannels

Biomicrofluidics 4, 044103 (2010)

The role of kinetics in the design of plasma microreactors

Chemical Engineering Science, volume 65, Issue 17, September 2010, pages 4925-4930

Silicon pore x-ray optics for IXO

Proceedings of SPIE Volume: 7732

Integrated Microfluidic System for Rapid Forensic DNA Analysis: Sample Collection to DNA Profile

Analytical Chemistry, 2010, 82 (16). 

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