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Micronit provides both Creative Product development and high quality Prototyping services

Prototype or Product development

A prototype is a functional example of what you’re trying to build. Within weeks we can deliver a microfluidic or MEMS device, using standard processes for polymers or glass materials. If your design is final or close to final yet still requires standard processes, our prototyping service is an excellent option for you.
Discover the core processes.

Product development is the transformation of a market opportunity into a saleable product.
We understand entrepreneurs like you, and have a systematic process for transforming your business idea into the best possible product. Micronit can help to convert your design goals into a fit-for-purpose design, whilst taking manufacturing requirements into consideration.
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Prototyping services

At Micronit we specialise in the production of high-quality prototypes, using polymers and glass as basic materials. With a range of unique and well established technologies and processes that we have amassed since 1999, Micronit is the perfect partner for your prototyping needs.

It’s your application that determines the choice of the most appropriate materials or combination of different materials (e.g. hybrid devices). Our prototyping team will take your list of requirements and transform your design into the most appropriate processes and materials.

Obviously, our team is ready to help if you need extra information or assistance for your ideas, requirements or design. Combining all this with short delivery times, it only takes a limited investment for us to serve you with optimal products that can help to kick off your discovery.

Benefits of outsourcing your prototype development to Micronit

  • Get it right the first time by relying on experts who have developed a huge variety of successful prototypes
  • Get the quality you demand from an organisation that is certified in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
  • Get it quick by utilising an efficient, multidisciplinary team from design on through to production

In other words, you can leave the heavy lifting to us whilst you focus on your own work. Efficient and effective!

AFB 1 - Prototype Cartridge sketch to proto
Product Development

Design-assisted prototyping

Design-assisted microfluidics and MEMS device prototyping is a short, collaborative, design-driven process. Let us translate your innovative idea into a tangible product. We will utilise our core technologies and a selection of standard processes, to deliver high quality prototypes within weeks.

Our core technologies include, for example:


  • CNC Milling
  • Bonding
  • Surface functionalisation
  • Polymer casting
  • and other techniques

Glass and Silicon

  • Etching
  • Bonding
  • Powder blasting
  • Separation
  • and other techniques

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Micronit benefits

We ensure that all the essential elements are well integrated in our established prototyping processes for various types of polymers and glass, from design to production. Our international and multidisciplinary team of Micronit engineers combine advanced manufacturing technologies with efficient processes, to provide you with a one stop shop for all your prototyping needs.

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