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Fluidic and Electric Connections for your Lab-on-a-Chip Device

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Lab-on-a-Chip interfacing

Micronit specializes in more than microfluidic chips only, looking at interfacing with the equipment and hardware around the microfluidic devices. Fluidic connections and connectors located between the microfluidic device and a fluidic tube or capillary are of high importance. Next to fluidic connections many types of electrical connections are often required. It can be direct sensor integration or interfacing between a sensor PCB and electrode contact on the microfluidic device.

Micronit aims at providing more standardized interfacing solutions to the microfluidics world. Fluidic connections should be compatible with different suppliers of microfluidic devices. Connections should also comply with interfacing of e.g. pumps, sensors and valves. In many cases adapting to standards like microscope slides and SBS microtiterplate formats are possible. For other device sizes or formats Micronit provides standard interfacing solutions off-the-shelf. Connection types can be selected based on operating conditions such as pressure, temperature, reusability.

Micronit has a set of interfacing platforms available:

  • Fluidic Connect platform
    o   Fluidic Connect Pro
    o   Fluidic Connect 4515
  • SideConnect platform
    o   In-line solutions
    o   Cartridge assemblies

Micronit can realize a range of interfacing types:

  • Single ferrule interfacing in the Fluidic Connect Pro or SideConnect
  • Nut and ferrule assemblies to connect via threaded ports
  • Adhesive interfacing (using liquid adhesives or tapes)
  • Electrical contacts (using spring loaded probes in several configurations)
SideConnect flowcell
SideConnect CE cartridge
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