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Micronit has a well-trained team of highly motivated engineers and designers eager to understand and work out any design. Our Product Design department helps transforming your ideas into concepts and the concepts into functional designs ready for manufacturing. Within the design and prototyping process the application field and user groups are taken into account for optimal user experience. Our engineers have experience in many microfluidic fields and are capable of combining knowledge from different application areas.

Microfluidics Know-How

Our microfluidic experience and know-how is also used to estimate fluidic behavior like fluidic resistance, shear effects and flow trajectories. In the early engineering stage mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical and/or optical material properties are considered. Experience gained in design and prototyping using a wide range of materials (e.g. several glass types, polymers and silicon) helps to optimize the outcome of projects. Engineering knowledge in fields like droplet microfluidics, microreactor technology and next generation DNA sequencing make Micronit a valued partner in prototyping and product design.

Design and prototyping tools

Micronit uses different software packages to generate 2D and 3D CAD designs, design mask layouts and for calculations and modelling. Dedicated design computers are used to generate detailed designs for clear communication and accurate products. The use of high-end dedicated design tools optimizes the resulting design and minimizes the necessary prototype iterations. Our Engineering department is always in close collaboration with the customer to ensure an optimal design outcome within the project scope.

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