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Organ-on-a-chip (OOC) applications are one of the fastest growing research areas in the life science and pharmaceutical industries. Micronit offers both organ-on-a-chip flowcells and generic resealable glass flowcells to enable the (co-)culturing of cells and tissues. Our organ-on-a-chip devices consist of two resealable glass slides that are assembled with a cell culture membrane suspended in between them to form two separate flow chambers. This allows the flow of two different fluids, either liquids or gases, on either side of the membrane. This dynamic microfluidic flow approach enables new and innovative ways to culture cells and tissues while offering precise and continuous control during the complete culturing process. This is in strong contrast with the more traditional static culturing methods employing tissue culture inserts in petri-dishes and microplates.

Exploded view of resealable flow cell Micronit Microfluics

Our standard organ-on-a-chip products offer researchers an easy-to-use starting point to facilitate cutting edge molecular biological research and customized development of dedicated application-driven solutions. There are a wide variety of applications for organ-on-a-chip systems that our platform technology can accommodate, including:

• Neural or cardio-vascular networks-on-a-chip
• Gut-on-a-chip
• Liver-on-a-chip
• Skin-on-a-chip
• Lung-on-a-chip
• Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) or bone marrow-on-a-chip
• ESC or iPSC-derived stem cells (ESC/iPSC)-on-a-chip

All these applications hold the promise of having a significant impact on improving the predictability of drug screening models and Personalised Medicine. Organ-on-a-chip technology supports these research areas by providing an environment that can mimic the human physiology and morphology in vivo better than traditional cell culturing methods. Scalable organ-on-a-chip production is made possible by combining the enabling technologies originating from both the semiconductor and molecular biology industries.
Micronit offers a standard organ-on-a-chip format with a variety of membrane materials possible. However, if this design does not meet your needs then feel free to contact us directly to see how our innovative manufacturing techniques can satisfy your advanced biological application needs.

resealable flow cells MicronitResealable flow cell in Fluidic Connect PRO chipholderSchematic-representation-of-resealable-microfluidic-OOC-flowcell

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