Project Description

Lab-on-a-chipLab-on-a-chip technology makes it possible to conduct miniaturized lab analysis on micro- or nanoscale. The chips can vary in size from a few millimeters up to a few square centimeters. Lab-on-a-chips contain channel structures and have one or more laboratory functions built within. The number of applications is still growing and lab-on-a-chip technology is now related to the fields of microfluidics, MEMS* and µTAS**.
The lab-on-a-chip devices of Micronit contain single or multiple lab functions depending on customer’s needs. The of-the-shelf chips have single functions like e.g. mixing, droplet generation or micro-reaction (see examples in the webstore). But the lab-on-a-chip devices can also be equipped with electrodes for particle or cell detection, particle packing, sorting, electrophoresis, PCR etc.

Application areas of Lab-on-a-Chip Devices

The time that lab-on-a-chip technology was only for analysis purposes is far behind. It is no longer the territory of just scientists anymore. Nowadays lab-on-a-chip technology becomes part of the common world. Especially in the medical world where point-of-care test gives quick results and reduce the workload for doctors and analysts. See for example the Medimate showcase about the lithium chip.
Other examples can be found in the field of forensics or cell research. Lab-on-a-chip technology reduces the time of getting DNA results from three days to a couple of minutes. And lab-on-a-chip devices are also excellent tools for cell research, like cell sorting or cell growth. There are many more examples to give, like water analysis or microreactors to grow cells or tissue. It will be too much to name here.

Customized Lab-on-a-Chip Devices

If you have a specific application in mind and want to know if Micronit can be your partner;

  • you can check this website on our technologies and capabilities, but
  • you can also contact our Sales support team directly. Our team member will be happy to assist you.

*Microelectromechanical systems
** Micro Total Analysis Systems

Project Details

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