Micronit congratulates the winners of it’s 15th anniversary ‘Guess-and-Win’ contest at the Pittcon 2015


And the winner is…..

Dear visitor of our booth at the Pittcon. We look back to a successful exhibition and enjoyed the conversations with our visitors. We also look back to a successful ‘Guess-and-Win’ contest in which many people participated. Today we are happy to announce the actual number of chips in the measuring cylinder and the winning guesses.

The number of chips in the measuring Cylinder was 2,480 chips.

The closest guesses were:

Rank 1. 2,398 chips – estimate from Mr. Richard Walton
Rank 2. 2,605 chips – estimate from Mr. Robert Learney
Rank 3. 2,689 chips – estimate from Mrs. Sarah Anciaux

The prizes will be sent to the respective winners.
Our next ‘Guess-and-Win’ contest will take place at the MicroTAS Conference in Gyeongju, Korea, October 25 – 29, 2015