Micronit launches MEMS division

Enschede, The Netherlands, November 1st, 2011 – Micronit is proud to present its newly launched
MEMS division. This division is specialised in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of MEMS
products and wafers based on glass.

Micronit is specialised in the manufacturing of microfluidic lab-on-a-chip products and has over 10
years experience in all kinds of micromachining technologies; mainly in glass but also in other
materials such as silicon and polymers.

“Because of the wide variety of processes and materials that Micronit offers, more and more requests
about processing substrates for MEMS applications came in. After finishing a couple of successful
MEMS projects for customers we decided to give it the attention it deserves, internally and externally.
That was the reason to start a separate division within Micronit that takes care of the design of MEMS
products. For prototyping and manufacturing the same processes and equipment can be used as for
making lab-on-a-chip products, which makes everything more cost-effective”, explains Ronny van ‘t
Oever, Managing Director and co-founder of Micronit.

Markets that Micronit MEMS targets are (amongst others): LED applications, photovoltaics, static and
active displays, fuel cells and sensors. In all of these application areas combinations of glass with
other materials such as silicon are already widely used.

The Micronit manufacturing line is capable of processing several hundreds of thousands of wafers per
year in various substrate sizes (100mm to 300mm). Micronit is ISO 9001 certified.